A downloadable game for Windows

Some dumb aliens have been receiving Earth's broadcasts of classic monster movies for decades... 
Believing the monsters portrayed are planet Earth's ultimate champions, 
the dummies infiltrated our solar system and are seeking out Earth's champions for ultimate battle! 

Gameplay & Controls: 
2D Platformer, Sidescroller, Shooter 

Left Mouse Click = Shoot 
Right Mouse Click= Special Attack 
A & D = Move 
Space Bar = Jump 

By: Josh Watson, Stephen Roper & Taylor Dunn 
Follow us on Twitter @ZamboniMacaroni 

Game Maker 
Adobe Illustrator 
Ableton Live 9 
Spriter Pro 
Windows & Mac OS X 

Game Updates: 
We have a lot of functionality we plan to add in later, stay tuned! 

We've uploaded a bug-fix version! (v1.1) 

**special attack meter now reads correctly -- can now fill to 4 
**star animations in the title/menu screens now work correctly -- they were supposed to be more sparkly 
**restart functionality -- restarts the level, rather than the whole game 
**tuned the health mechanic -- it's less hard 
**launches fullscreen 1080x1920 -- not windowed 

No new features, you still can't crouch or unlock anything - as we didn't get that in over the weekend... 

Let us know if you find any other bugs and we'll get'em squashed! 
We're working on some ports! 


Monsters vs Aliens 45 MB