Help Santaur defend his workshop! 
Can you survive 5 days of attacks in our action-packed Tower Defense/ Strategy jam! 

*This is our 7th jam, 2nd with Unity & 1st with a 4 man team Fri - Sunday!* 

Spirit/ Money rolls over from day to day but your board clears each day. 


MOUSE 1 = select and place on board (Keypad 1-5 = Defense Shortcuts) 

Shift + Click = Destroy placed tower 

Menu = Pause 


Build quick, get elfs out as soon as possible but don't forget about the trees! 

Use the key shortcuts for quicker placement! 

Tweedle - Art 
Rockinwatson - Dev 
Ropedog - Audio & Dev 
Halfskye - Dev 


- Ho-ho-oh yeah there are a few of 'em

- Attempts to place a fortification on top of another fortification is not allowed, but will reduce your spirit.

- When selecting a fortification, placement sounds are played. This happens again when placing the fortification.

- The "total spirit" star disappears after losing the game and restarting.

- The player is unable to place a fortification in a space where a mine was previously destroyed. Spirit is still reduced as if the fortification was placed. This is fixed if the player shift+clicks the space where the mine was previously placed. This removes whatever is blocking placement.

- Pause screen Santaur quote is behind calendar.

- Presents stop falling down the slides after Day 1