A downloadable game for Windows

For centuries the evil space robot empire experimented on apes, hoping to create super soldier ape slaves. One ape in particular, Nicknamed “Grape” for his violet fur, showed promise. Grape gained the ability to form his shit into deadly ninja shit-stars. Grape grew smarter and stronger, eventually escaping the evil space robot’s facility in search of freedom... 

Gameplay & Controls: 
2D Sidescroller - Get to the end and kill the boss! 
Spacebar = Throw | Up Arrow = Move up | Down Arrow = Move down 
Enter = Select | Esc = Restart/Exit 

By: Zamboni Macaroni (This is our 2nd jam!) 
Zamboni Macaroni is Josh Watson and Taylor Dunn 
Programmed by Josh Watson 
Design & Music by: Taylor Dunn 

Things (Updated 4/20/15 10:40PM) : 
Oh boy we did it! Celebratory beer time! 
You get to the boss after like... 2 song play thrus. 
Josh added the scoring mech. in the last 10 minutes. 
Bananas and cactus are worth points? 
... We need to crash & think more about all this later! 
Look forward to playing many game entries! 

Update 4/22/15: 
Thanks for all the feedback everybody! 
Especially you Chris Delta ;) 
Yeah rocks shouldn't kill you moving into them... 
You just shouldn't be able to move up! 
Keep it coming! 

Update 5/11/15: 
Had a blast rating games! 
Thanks a ton everybody, looking forward to #33


The Grape Escape 22 MB