🐶 Controls:
- WASD = Movement
- E Key = Upgrade, when near Truck
- R Key = Repair, when near Truck

🚀 Gameplay:
- Retrieve scrap to upgrade and repair your rig as it defends against waves of enemies
- Upgrades are randomly applied according to how much scrap you have banked

🐱 Modules/Upgrades:
- Laser Turret: Big ol' zaps
- Pulse Wave Turret: Get away from me
- Chain Laser Turret: Zap a bunch
- Sheilds: Protec
- Trailers: To attach things to

Visit us online: https://www.zambo.fun    
Soundtrack: https://soundcloud.com/zambonimacaroni/sets/pupper-trucker-ost


ZM-LD46-windows1.zip 54 MB
ZM-LD46-Mac1.app.zip 54 MB
ZM-LD46-Linux1.zip 54 MB


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Really cool =)