Strategy/Simulation/Goofy Elf Slaughter


Use a bit of Christmas Spirit in your tank to buy more traps and earn more spirit. Try to sacrifice more elves than you let escape helping Santaur save Christmas.  


Trap Selection = Keys 1 thru 7     
Trap Placement = Mouse Click     
Story Progression = Arrow Keys or Mouse Click & Drag     
Start/Restart = Spacebar     

 🎁 The toys were wrapped. The list was checked twice. 🎅 Santaur’s sleigh was polished and ready to go. But there was one major problem… Christmas Spirit was at an all-time low. Without enough Christmas Spirit, Santaur’s reindeer won’t fly! 🦌 With Christmas just around the corner, panic ensued. In the mayhem, an elf fell from his ladder...


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