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Pizza World Battle Royale! May the Mushroom Force be with you!

Shroom Cheat Sheet

  • Shroom 1 - Blocker / can't move, deals no damage, just buys you time on the cheap
  • Shroom 2 - Melee / moves, attacks enemies
  • Shroom 3 - Heat Seeking Rocket / seeks nearest enemy on screen, if off-screen it'll just blow up on player
  • Shroom 4 - Bomb / player can move, one shots enemies
  • Shroom 5 - Player re-spawn

Helpful Gameplay Tips

  • Anchovies run straight at your base, other enemies seek out nearest Shroom
  • Beware of Olives, they'll fuck your shit right up
  • Major use of Shroom Bomb seems to be the easiest way to victory

Uploaded a Jam+(web) build!(Thursday 4/27)

  • fixed audio levels
  • added bar up top to help convey life gain/lose
  • fixed z levels of player
  • swapped cost of 4 & 5 shrooms
  • fixed rocket shroom exploding on player with no target
  • drank some beers and talked about father john misty
  • tried updating the game page with new links but the website is borked and we'll try again later

Made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 38 (theme = A Small World)

Ludum Dare 38 Game Link

tweedle = art + animations dev

RockinWatson = gameplay dev

halfskye = gameplay dev

ropedog = music + sounds dev


Jam Build 47 MB

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